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The capable criminal defense lawyers at Bradley Johnson Attorneys handle cases in the following areas of criminal defense law:

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Don’t let the name fool you; a Seattle misdemeanor can amount to serious consequences.

You can face harsh penalties and have a charge on your record that will stick with you for a long time, possibly even preventing you from getting a job. In the case of a gross Seattle misdemeanor such as simple assault, third degree theft, or a DUI, you can face a maximum sentence including jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you find yourself charged with a Seattle misdemeanor it is imperative that you consult with and retain capable counsel or you will find yourself either pleading to a sentence far greater than what you should, or fighting a battle at trial you will most likely lose.

Our Seattle criminal lawyers at Bradley Johnson Attorneys have been fighting Seattle misdemeanors and winning the battle at the negotiation table for almost two decades.


When you are facing a Seattle criminal charge, no matter the severity, your freedom is on the line. You cannot afford to waste time, you must retain experienced counsel from the moment you are charged and served notice to step foot in a courtroom.

Physical evidence can disappear quickly and memories can rapidly fade. At Bradley Johnson Attorneys our fearless Seattle Criminal lawyers and extensive legal staff are highly trained in managing every detail of your case to ensure nothing is overlooked in preparing your defense.

We have a high rate of success in negotiating with prosecutors to significantly reduce and even dismiss your Seattle criminal charges. Our clients are truly gratified when we can produce an exceptional result without even having to think about going to trial.

The lasting effects on your life from a Seattle criminal charge, not to mention conviction, are enough to make most people feel overwhelmed and all alone. Seattle criminal charges vary in severity but one thing is for sure; the effects of being arrested and charged with a crime can turn your life upside down.

In addition to the social stigma and job loss you may endure, you will face jail time and astronomical fines. Your chances of success in minimizing or eliminating your sanction hinge substantially on your choice of defense counsel.

Bradley Johnson Attorneys is one of Washington’s premiere Seattle criminal defense firms. Clients have turned to our hard work and commitment from all over Washington to give them the best chance at success in and out of the courtroom, and the word continues to spread.

If you are charged with a Seattle crime, all is not lost; Bradley Johnson Attorneys is available to guide you through the court system and back to your freedom and your loved ones.


One of the most difficult charges to face for both emotional and legal reasons, a Seattle domestic violence charge has far-reaching consequences. The charge itself can immediately damage your reputation and relationships, and the penalties are severe.

Police are essentially required to make an arrest when called to the scene of a potential domestic violence situation, and those accused of this crime are rarely afforded the opportunity to explain their side prior to arrest. As a result arrests are frequently made based on unsubstantiated assault and battery accusations, even if the accuser recants.

You cannot get a Seattle domestic violence conviction expunged from your record. Like a driving under the influence conviction, this will stay on and stain your record for the rest of your life.

The stakes are high; you cannot afford to let inexperienced counsel represent you on such a serious charge with such potentially damaging ramifications at hand.

Even if you are completely innocent, the deck is stacked against you in a Seattle domestic violence accusation and charge; overzealous prosecutors will aggressively pursue a conviction on this charge, so you need a passionate and experienced lawyer to protect your rights.

Unsupported allegations are often the basis for Seattle domestic violence arrests, and something as small as a push can be enough to charge a defendant with battery. Bradley Johnson Attorneys has represented numerous clients accused of Seattle domestic violence, resulting in unparalleled success. We will make sure that your side of the story is heard, and you can move on with your life without the shame commonly attached to an offense of this nature.


When one individual takes property from another without their consent, it is considered a Seattle theft crime. The Seattle criminal charges filed will vary depending on the value of the property, and you could face either a Seattle misdemeanor or felony charge.

In its most basic form, Washington State defines theft as wrongfully obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over the property or services of another or the value thereof, with the intent to deprive him or her of such property or services.


Sexual offenses are some of the most aggressive and relentlessly prosecuted offenses in all of Washington. Regardless of the circumstance, prosecutors seem intent on prosecuting any person accused of a sex crime.

Whether the alleged victim’s story is unbelievable, in direct opposition to the underlying facts, or simply entirely unsupported does not seem to matter; if you are charged you have a long, difficult road ahead of you.

Lawyers at Bradley Johnson Attorneys are sensitive to charges of this nature as we have a great deal of experience defending the rights of those accused of sexual offenses. Our goal is to defend the rights of people charged with crimes, and in no other crime is the defense of basic rights more important than for those accused of sex crimes.

When charged with a sex crime the accused is in for a monumental life shift. Facing a significant prison sentence, potential sex offender status, and shocking societal humiliation, only a passionate attorney will be able to successfully navigate through all of the distractions and successfully defend someone accused of a sex crime.

In addition to the penalties, one must take into account the fact that states typically designate whole units dedicated solely to the prosecution of sex crimes. These prosecutors have usually chosen to take positions in these units, viewing themselves as the protectors of the victims of sexual crimes. To them these are not just run of the mill cases, allowing the facts and evidence, or lack thereof, to take a backseat to their often radical beliefs and desire to carry out the work of the virtuous.

Our lawyers understand this, and will surpass that aggression in defending our clients.


Drug charges of any kind should not be taken lightly. Crimes of this nature, whether felonies or misdemeanors, can land you in prison and cost you large sums of money in fines, not to mention the negative social stigma that exists when one has a drug conviction on their record.

Unfortunately, the pursuit of controlled substances by law enforcement has resulted in uncontrolled efforts that are often at odds with the law and basic constitutional rights. Law enforcement routinely searches and seizes these substances in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and uses the fruits of their unlawful searches as evidence against those charged with drug crimes.

Getting drugs off the streets is certainly a priority, but doing so in opposition of basic constitutional rights is undeniably objectionable.

At Bradley Johnson Attorneys we have made defending the rights of those charged with drug crimes one of the pillars of our criminal defense practice. In addition to our extensive experience, our attorneys know Washington State drug law inside and out and our lawyers are well versed in the numerous prosecutorial tactics in this area of the law.


A juvenile charged with a crime can face severe penalties, and unfortunately a charge of this nature means negative consequences for the parents and guardians as well.

At Bradley Johnson Attorneys we understand and are sensitive to the issues a family faces when dealing with juvenile charges. Our attorneys have a highly sophisticated background in juvenile matters, and are prepared to guide you through this difficult process to the best possible outcome.

Some think that juvenile crimes mean “lesser” charges as compared to adult charges; this is an all-too-common misconception. Only in 1988 did the Supreme Court rule that juveniles under 16 could not be executed for crimes, and only as recently as 2005 did the Supreme Court rule, in a narrow 5-4 decision, to strike down the death penalty for persons under the age of 18.

Approximately 200,000 young defendants are sent through the adult system every year, usually for violent or severe crimes. If not charged as an adult juveniles are commonly sent to foster homes, reform or other institutions until they are 18, they can be put on probation or house arrest, among many other damaging results.

The Supreme Court in the past has acknowledged that, “the State has a ‘parens patriae interest in preserving and promoting the welfare of the child’ [making] a juvenile proceeding fundamentally different from an adult criminal trial.” Schall vs. Martin, 467 U.S. 253, 263 (1984). However these intentions have long ago been lost, with juvenile court acting in a similar manner to adult court, the goal being not to rehabilitate but unfortunately to punish.


For years Bradley Johnson Attorneys has been defending the rights of those charged with weapons offenses in Washington State. We are devoted to learning the truth behind these accusations and to providing a strong defense on behalf of our clients.

Weapons charges of any kind are serious and you cannot afford to lose anytime in finding representation. Our skilled attorneys have years of experience dealing with all kinds of weapons charges, and as such we are one of the top criminal defense firms in this area of the law.

Penalties for weapons charges can vary greatly depending on the circumstances, but if charged with a weapon, especially gun crime, you are usually looking at a harsh penalty and an uphill fight. State legislatures all over the country have been strengthening their weapon laws and stiffening their penalties for weapons offenses across the board.

You will face extensive jail time, long probation periods, and high fines, among other harsh penalties. Give yourself the best chance at success and minimizing or eliminating your sentence by retaining one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.


Plain and simple, assault charges do not look good. If you have an assault conviction on your record it can affect many areas of your life, and you can be branded as a violent individual with this mark on your permanent record.

Regardless, assaults cut across all socioeconomic lines and can happen to anyone given the right circumstances. The penalties for an assault can vary greatly, as there are a number of degrees of assault, but even a misdemeanor assault charge can end in jail time and heavy fines. It is up to you to choose experienced counsel so that your side of the story is heard.

It is important to note that simple assault indicates the threat of violence (or simply the intention, e.g., attempting to strike another), while assault and battery suggests that the threat or attempt was actually carried out in the form of direct physical violence.

The penalties for assault can rise exponentially given the circumstances, with higher penalties resulting from Vehicular Assault, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Assault, among others. In sentencing a judge will often look at the damage done and whether or not your intent involved serious harm.

It is crucial to have a skilled attorney acting on your behalf to ensure that your intent is properly determined, and meticulously defended.


After a defendant is convicted of a crime, the court will hand down a sentence. A standard element of any criminal sentence is probation.

In many cases, probation is considered in lieu of jail time. Suspension of a sentence is completely reliant upon the adherence to the probation terms, which normally require checking in with a probation officer at regular intervals.

Any crimes committed while on probation will normally serve as a revocation of the probation and an immediate reinstatement of the initial sentence.


Bradley Johnson Attorneys represents clients across Washington State in all areas of criminal defense, including a variety of violent crimes.

All over America any kind of violent crime is aggressively prosecuted, and these charges are naturally quite complex. Given these two factors, you must have an experienced attorney in your corner to fight these charges.

If charged with a violent crime you are going to fight an uphill battle; prosecutors and the public will often assume guilt and force you to prove your innocence in and out of the courtroom. Your attorney is your only ally, and without a passionate and eager advocate you will quickly see your chances of successfully fighting these charges vanish.

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