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Bradley Johnson is an attorney with a passion for helping folks accused of crimes or injured through the negligence of others. His law firm, Bradley Johnson Attorneys, founded in 1993, has a team of outstanding attorneys and support staff dedicated to the proposition that ordinary people deserve strong and compelling advocacy.

Bradley is a graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, where he excelled. He received his bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley,and his law degree from the University of Washington. He worked while in law school for Betts, Patterson and Mines and later for the New York City District Attorney’s Office.

The proud father of his 8 year old son, Bradley is the Den Master for his little wolf scout’s Boy Scouts troop and also a volunteer teacher for his son’s Elementary Chess Program. Living in Seattleis a dream come true for Bradley after spending his first 18 years in parched Bakersfield, California.

For recreation, Bradley can be found avidly digesting independent film at the Seattle International Film Festival, Sundance or the Northwest Film Forum or participating in a Men’s Group he co-founded that has been meeting once per month in his home for over 8 years.

Bradley knows that everyone needs support and encouragement. Everyone needs others who can hold a bigger picture and vision of who they are, and that mentorship can make the difference between someone living into who he or she is rather than spending years frustrated and learning through bitter disappointment.



Lauren works aggressively to give a potent voice to the criminally accused.

She is a compassionate listener who empathizes with the grief, anger, and fear clients often experience when facing a criminal charge. Lauren is passionate about turning these emotional responses into a successful criminal defense founded upon her unflagging advocacy and negotiation on behalf of her clients.

Lauren recognizes that police reports merely capture a single officer’s fleeting impression. Unfortunately, these reports often fail to accurately capture the positive character and the intentions of the accused, as well as the overarching context of extremely complex events.

Accordingly, Lauren orchestrates every defense strategy so that the imprecision of such reports never detracts from her clients’ integrity and underlying humanity.

Lauren earned her B.A. at the University of Washington, graduating with a double major in Philosophy and Law, Societies, and Justice. Lauren then earned her J.D. from Seattle University School of Law, during which she worked at the state Attorney General’s Office, focusing on assaultive crimes.

Lauren’s work with the Attorney General allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of prosecutorial procedure and strategies.

Shortly thereafter, Lauren worked as a public defender on behalf of clients in the greater Seattle area. Lauren’s significant training and experience on both sides of the judicial aisle allowed her to emerge as a seasoned and dexterous advocate for each client’s rights.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, playing competitive soccer, watching college and professional sports, camping, and walking her Yorkshire terrier.

Lauren is a member of the Washington State Bar Association,King County Bar Association, American Bar Association,Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the King and Snohomish County Chapters of Washington Women Lawyers, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the United States District Court.



Chloe’s focus lies in enacting positive, tangible change in her clients’ lives.

She brings to her work an unwavering belief that people should be treated civilly and equally, as well as a sense of empathy that is often missing in the court system.

After earning her B.A. with honors in History at UC Santa Cruz, Chloe attended Oxford University in England where she received a Masters in Philosophy. Chloe’s interest in crime and punishment, and how our country deals with these issues, brought her to the University of Washington School of Law.

After earning her JD, Chloe gained significant work experience as a Public Defender. In this capacity Chloe was able to gain extensive experience trying a variety of criminal cases.

Chloe prides herself on being a tenacious advocate on behalf of each and every one of her clients. She takes an interest in their lives and stories, and brings an unrivaled level of integrity into every case she handles.

Chloe is a member of the Washington State Bar Association,American Bar Association, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, King and Snohomish County Chapters ofWashington Women Lawyers, King County Bar Association,American Civil Liberties Union, and the United States District Court.

Chloe enjoys traveling, good food and spending time with her daughter.


Jeremy believes attorney-client communication is tantamount for effective representation. Jeremy guarantees that he will be in close contact with his clients to ensure that they understand the entire legal process and will guide them towards the best path to achieve their goals.

Jeremy earned his B.S. in Economics at the University of Washington and a J.D. from Seattle University School of Law. During his final year of law school, he worked with a limited license to practice law as a rule 9 legal intern and immediately began his path towards defending the accused.  After graduating law school, Jeremy attended the Reid School of Interrogation and was taught same tactics used by law enforcement to extract confessions.

In the Youth Advocacy Clinic, he defended indigent accused youth in the juvenile court system here in Seattle. Jeremy advocated for his clients from their first day in court to the conclusion of their case. Next, he transitioned his focus from the juvenile courts to the appellate process.

As a member of the Right to Counsel Clinic, Jeremy advocated for clients that were denied their right to effective representation at trial. Along with other Clinic members, he successfully overturned a conviction and even appealed a case to the Washington State Supreme Court. He firmly believes everyone deserves a strong defense and views no obstacle as too great to overcome.

Jeremy is a member of the Washington State Bar Association, King County Bar Association, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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